free writing

radiohead ramblings

I sat down one night, put Radiohead on, and rambled along to the music.

Exit Music (For a Film)
the path to Hell is lined
with violins
playing our requiem
in the rain.

Karma Police
this is what you get
when you mess with me
she said
and from her mouth
flew butterflies.

for a minute there,
the powder in my brain
would not settle.
when it did I found
words instead of dust.


notes traverse geographies,
and move through the trail of time
to leave you stranded in reality
when they fade.
music was my first love;
my first reminder
of how tight we cling onto the things
that must fade.

Pyramid Song
Jumped in a river
for want of a better story
there was nothing to fear
save the nettles
always on the bank
and the mud
between the toes.

Everything in its Right Place
but everything was in its right place,
it had to be
for that was how it had become.
precisely because that was how it had gone
meant that was right
at least right now.
but sands are always shifting,
new dunes shall shape and fall
and that will be alright as well;
that too shall be all right.